Fighting Five Year Olds

March 9, 2008

Saw this link on Kurt’s blog, so I had to know myself. Glad to know I could take one whole class of Kindergarten children (20 kids), but no more.

Fighting Five Year Olds


“I Could Teach You” Graph

March 4, 2008

Found this over at Robert’s Blog:

I Could Teach You Milkshake Graph


Eagles land Samuel

March 1, 2008

The Philadelphia Eagles landed All-Pro cornerback Asante Samuel at the start of Free Agency. The former Patriot was signed to a 6 year, $57 million dollar contract (with $20 million dollars in guarantees) . Very exciting times in Eagle territory.

Asante Samuel Eagle

In the midst of glee, one sobering thought: Samuel gets $20 mil without even playing a down. Man, I wish they had contract guarantees like this in youth ministry. Instead the guarantees look like this: “Low pay, long hours, under appreciation, All-Nighters, church politics, and rewards in Heaven.” And to think, I do it for the All-Nighters!

Will Ferrell Photo

February 27, 2008

Josh had an amazing photo of Will Ferrell:

Will Ferrell Olan Mills

Simply hilarious!!!

New Mistakes

February 21, 2008

I stumbled upon Steven Furtick’s post “Make New Mistakes” yesterday and I thought it was great. Here is an excerpt:

I just want you to make new mistakes. Different mistakes than you made last time. Mistakes that reveal a new level of effort, or a new frontier of endeavor.

I liked how Steven encourages us to make new mistakes. This is contrary to how most people are wired. Most try to avoid mistakes. They are costly/time consuming/detrimental. Avoiding mistakes often means living with the status quo. Rarely do we embrace mistakes, especially in the ministry.

This reminded me of a great movie that came out last year: Meet the Robinsons. The Robinson family motto is Keep Moving Forward! They cheer when mistakes are made, and they encourage risk-taking and failure. It is only with experimenting and trying new things can you ever broaden your horizons.

Meet the Robinsons

Don’t be afraid of failure. Just be afraid of old mistakes. Embrace new ones and learn from them.

Predictions – Super Bowl Edition

February 3, 2008

Just about to head to the Youth Group Super Bowl Party meeting and had to make my predictions.  It is very tough to do, since neither team is the Eagles, and since I dislike both teams.  I do believe it will be a good game, and that the Giants will give the Patriots a run for their money.  The game will be just as close as it was the last time these teams met (in Week 17).  However, the Patriots team is more experienced and mainly veterans, so they have been here before.  Plus, coming this close to history/perfection and losing is not an option for the New England team.  That is why the Patriots will win 31-28.

UPDATE:  Well, I was wrong with my prediction, but am glad with the result.  The first 3 quarters were not that great, but what a 4th quarter! Even though I dislike the Giants, I am glad that they beat the Patriots, and they sure deserved this win. 

Polar Plunge 2008

February 3, 2008

Today was my church’s annual Polar Plunge.  We started this event back when I was in High School, and I have been a part of it almost ever single year.  This year, we had the church community sponsor Plungers, with the money going to the upcoming missions trip to Haiti.  My family and I thought this was a great idea, so they sponsored me.  In return, I put ads on my body for my family. Here are the pics:

Before the Plunge I kept warm with my Carharts. 

 Polar Plunge 2008 Before

I drew my ads on with a Sharpie, with ads on both arms and over my heart…

Polar Plunge 2008 Side

 … as well as a large ad on my back.

 Polar Plunge 2008 Back

We got a sizable group from the church to this event, both in participants and in viewers.  I don’t know how much we raised, but it will be used for a good cause.  Hopefully we can promote more unique ways of raising money and awareness for missions trips in the future.