Saving Websites for Reference

As I explained earlier (see Youth Ministry Hunter/Gatherer), I have been gathering resources, illustrations and ideas for my virtual reference filing cabinet. One problem I have run into is how to save all those great ideas from websites. There are some great youth ministry websites that are chock full of illustrations, ideas, and thoughts. Until now, I have been Copy and Pasting the text into a Word file, then saving the file in my filing cabinet. However, this has been time consuming, which often means I just read the post and never file it. That is until now.

The other day I discovered htm2pdf, a free web-based service that converts a HTML file (website) into a PDF file. Simply paste the URL of a website into the entry bar, click Convert, and the website is converted! You can then open the PDF file right in your browser and save it where you would like. The great part is that the whole website is located in the PDF, not just the text. So say you are inspired by a great post here on A Shore Thing (if I ever write a great post). When you convert the page into PDF, the whole page is seen, so all the pictures, links, and comments are saved as well.

Overall, a great web service that has already helped me save some great ideas from the Web.


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