Kids Names

Over at (via Engadget), I found this article on recent trends in naming children. Here is a quote from the article:

“Most parents these days are drawing on the cool SMS and email spellings, by eschewing traditional spellings for versions such as Alex-Zander, Cam’ron, Emma-Lee, Ozkah, Thaillah and Ameleiyah.”

I have noticed this trend in my ministry. Students are no longer showing up with “normal” names like Michael or John. Rather, their names are a hodgepodge of consonants and vowels with a unique pronunciation. If they do have a semi-regular name, it is either spelled with an extra letter or is pronounced completely different.

On a personal note, I guess that when the time comes to name my offspring, I might as well pick up a Scrabble set, jumble all the letters together, and pick letters at random. They are bound to form a name.

Scrabble Name Game


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