Hillary Clinton and the Holy Spirit

Hillary Clinton Holy Spirit

Last month Hillary Clinton gave an interview with the New York Times about her religious beliefs. Read the transcript here: Transcript with Hillary Clinton.

Points from her interview:

  • Her discussion of the Trinity. She said “I believe in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and I have felt the presence of the Holy Spirit on many occasions.” I am glad she recognizes the Trinity, but I wonder why she mentions her “feelings” of the Holy Spirit. But it’s not like Christians keep a running tally of how many times times they “felt” the Holy Spirit.
  • Her description of faith. She described faith as “…the background music. It’s there all the time. It’s not something you have to think about, you believe it.” Sorry, but I think about my faith all the time. I thank God for my faith, and I try to live it out daily.
  • Her Beliefs on Salvation. When asked if belief in Jesus is the only way to get to Heaven, she responded with “That one I’m a little more open to. I think that it is, as we understand our relationship to God as Christians, it is how we see our way forward, and it is the way” She then goes on to say that she accepts others who do not believe Jesus is the way to salvation.
  • Her Thoughts on Isaiah. I wonder what parts of Isaiah she finds “very intriguing and provocative.” Interesting.

I am not here to judge her. I mean, it sounds like she knows what she is talking about, or she at least knows what Evangelicals want to hear. Her rejection of Jesus as the ONLY way to Heaven disturbs me, and it is not what Evangelicals want to hear. I cannot stand the woman and may move to Canada if she is President, but I am glad that she at least talks about Christianity. Heck, I voted for the guy who believes Jesus came to America!


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