Recording Youth Events

I saw this post on Lifehacker called “Effortlessly Document Your Party.” Basically, this post described ways the author was able to record his 27th birthday through video, pictures, and a real-time slideshow of the party.

As I read this post, I thought some of these ideas would be great in a youth ministry context, especially during a Lock In or All Nighter. I especially liked the “photo booth” idea, mainly because of how easy it is, especially if you have a MacBook or MacBook Pro (I have neither). Most students are familiar with using webcams, and it is simple enough for them all to learn immediately. One could be set up in your Youth Room, and throughout the evening all the students must stop by and contribute. My favorite part of this idea: you don’t have to be creative, your students will be creative for you!!

Brandon Schmidt Mac photo

Suggestions on Using photos from Youth Events:

  • End of Year Slideshow (What student doesn’t want to see their face on the big screen?)
  • Collage of the Event
  • Thank You cards to Volunteers
  • Newsletter to Parents/Ministry Prayer Supporters
  • Photo section of Youth Ministry website
  • Promotional material for future events

Do you have any ideas for recording and presenting your events? I’d sure love to hear it. Post them in the comments below.


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