NYMC 08: The End

What a great weekend!! I left on Monday morning, did not have an issue with the airline (although still no sight of luggage), and made it home safely. Here is a short recap of the weekend:

The Good: The conversations. It was great to meet new people, hang out with old friends, and listen to some great workshops. Since Duffy’s sessions, I have been evaluating our Son Club ministry and making sure it’s focus is on making disciples of the students. Jana’s workshop on Administration was incredible. She managed to get us really thinking (“Time management is a matter of making God-honoring choices”) yet also gave us some great tips and tricks to improve our administration.

The Bad: Still waiting for my luggage. It is 7 pm EST on Tuesday evening, and I have not seen my luggage since 7 am on Friday morning. Bummer.

Funniest Quote:I would rather chew my arm out of a bear trap than go to a budget meeting” – Doug Fields

Thanks to Group Publishing, Simply Youth Ministry, and Josh at MoreThanDodgeball.com for a wonderful conference.

P.S. The winner of my contest was Andy for his funny joke about New Jersey. Too bad it is true only about North Jersey, not South Jersey. He wins a copy of All Out War from Simply Youth Ministry.


One Response to NYMC 08: The End

  1. Andy says:

    I would like to thank all of the little people who helped make this day possible. I would especially like to thank my friends at ashorething.com.

    How exactly do I claim the copy of ALL OUT WAR?

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