Some Things Stay the Same…

like canceled flights, same hotel, and no luggage.

As posted before, I was delayed in going to the National Youth Ministry Conference by hours, with a scheduled departure of 10 pm tonight. Well, that was canceled as well. My flight will now take off at 7:30 tomorrow morning, which means I am spending the night again up in Philly. This time, though, it will be sans luggage. Apparently taking away my whole day and my time at the conference was not enough, so US Airways decided to take my luggage as well. Luckily I have my car so later tonight I will be making a Target run.

I will eventually get to Cincinnati, and I will be blogging from there. I am still excited about the conference and to meet tons of people. Really though I am looking forward to doing something other than sit in an airport.

Any ideas of how I should fill up my time before tomorrow’s flight?


One Response to Some Things Stay the Same…

  1. […] Welcome to the National Youth Ministry Convention: Philly Edition. Since I am not in Cincinnati right now, I have decided to host my own convention right here in Room 513. I will be listening to older […]

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