Delays are Inevitable

Woke up super early so I could get to the Airport super early so I could wait super long for a canceled flight. That is right, I check my bag, get my boarding pass, take the shuttle 2 terminals over to the “small as heck” airplane terminal, only to find out that the flight has been canceled all morning. Don’t worry, I am booked for a 2 pm flight. Lord willing, I will be in Cincinnati by the afternoon.

By the way, I did not know this but “Free Wifi” actually means “$7.99 plus tax for 24 hours Wifi”! I gave in to ATT/Philly Airport’s corporate hungriness. For the 5 hours I am chilling here, it is worth it.

UPDATE: It is now 10:30 a.m. (when my 1st flight was to leave) and the 2nd flight is now canceled. I am now booked on the 10 pm flight from here. Sorry Tony Dungy, but I can’t hear you speak tonight. Maybe if I walked I could get there in time. PS. paying for the Internet was worth it.  I am getting caught up on 30 Rock.


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