NYMC 08: An Early Start

Due to the pending snowstorm that is gonna hit the Northeast, it was decided for me to go to the Philadelphia Airport area tonight (Thursday) instead of tomorrow morning (Friday). The storm is supposed to hit the Philly area around 3 am, which would have been miserable to drive through. Instead, I am typing this post from the Holiday Inn at the Philly airport.

They have a great package here for travelers: if you stay there the night before your flight, you can keep your car there for up to 10 days. They even have a free airport shuttle both ways. And it only cost $10 more! Either I don’t travel too much and this is the industry norm, or this is a great deal. You decide.

I am a little worried about the weather, hoping it will not affect or delay my flight. I am also very excited and looking forward to some fun-filled days.


One Response to NYMC 08: An Early Start

  1. JG says:

    Congrats, you get to give away a digital download version of All Out War from Simply Youth Ministry. Come up with some way to give it away as you blog the Group/SYM Conference. Can’t wait to read your posts!


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