New Mistakes

I stumbled upon Steven Furtick’s post “Make New Mistakes” yesterday and I thought it was great. Here is an excerpt:

I just want you to make new mistakes. Different mistakes than you made last time. Mistakes that reveal a new level of effort, or a new frontier of endeavor.

I liked how Steven encourages us to make new mistakes. This is contrary to how most people are wired. Most try to avoid mistakes. They are costly/time consuming/detrimental. Avoiding mistakes often means living with the status quo. Rarely do we embrace mistakes, especially in the ministry.

This reminded me of a great movie that came out last year: Meet the Robinsons. The Robinson family motto is Keep Moving Forward! They cheer when mistakes are made, and they encourage risk-taking and failure. It is only with experimenting and trying new things can you ever broaden your horizons.

Meet the Robinsons

Don’t be afraid of failure. Just be afraid of old mistakes. Embrace new ones and learn from them.


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