Pre NYMC 08: Part 4

Here is post #4 of 4 reasons I am excited about the National Youth Ministry Conference. Reasons One, Two, and Three were on previous days. The 4th reason may be the most obvious, or the least obvious. I am excited to Have Fun!

That is right, I am going to a training conference to have fun (and my work is paying!) But really, what else do you expect when you get 2000 youth workers together? I fully expect to see some hilarious videos (I just saw Hotel, Hotel from last year- HILARIOUS!), have some great times in the hotel (“Ain’t no party like a Scranton party!), and just have a great time! One of the hidden perks of being in youth ministry: you can still act like a teen at times!

There are only 2 more days before I leave for Cincinnati. I will be blogging multiple posts per day, so stay tuned for updates on my fun training. I will also be giving away a resource from during the Conference, so be ready for that contest. Finally, be ready for posts about the random fun and excitement that will occur during the Conference. See you then!


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