Senior Pastors and Youth Ministry

Josh posted about an article entitled “What I Wish I Knew about Senior Pastors…”  I noticed in the article that 2 of the 5 points were about the Senior Pastor’s involvement/support of the youth ministry.  After reading the article, I feel like point #5 is a key way to gain the Sr. Pastor’s support.  Here is a quote from point #5 of the article:

If you are not updating your boss on the goings-on of the youth ministry, don’t be surprised if your boss is not “up” on your work. All bosses are a little different. Some love email; others voice mail; some love scheduled updates; others prefer on-the-fly conversations; some want numbers; others want stories. Your mission is to discover your senior pastor’s style and match it to your regular updates.

Updating your Senior Pastor/Executive Pastor/supervisor is vital for a ministry.  Here are 3 reasons why I feel communication with the Senior Pastor is vital to your ministry:

  1. You show excitement for the ministry.  Face it: the Senior Pastor is your boss.  You want to show him that you are enjoying your job. By regularly updating him on the ministry, you are showing him that Youth Group is more than just the programs, but rather the relationships.
  2.  You pass your excitement to him.  The Senior Pastor wants the youth ministry to go well.  However, most Pastors don’t have the time to check up on your ministry all the time.  By communicating with him, you get him excited and entheusiastic about the youth ministry.  In turn, he will pass on that excitement to others in the church as well.
  3. You give him a better understanding of the church.  Youth ministry is a key part of most churches.  Your Senior Pastor wants to keep tabs on it.  He wants to know what’s working and what’s not.  By keeping him informed about the Youth Ministry, you are giving him a fuller picture of the church as a whole.

As I said above, most Senior Pastors want to support the Youth Ministry.  It is your job to keep him informed about the ministry.


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