Ski Retreat

As I said in a previous post, I went with the Junior High group up to the Poconos this weekend.  Got up there Friday night, stayed at Pocono Plateau Camp (I highly recommend this place!), and had a full day of skiing/snowboarding on Saturday.  While on this retreat, I learned two things:

  1. I am getting old.  I could only snowboard for half the day, and that was it.  I was sore all over.  Of course I knew my butt was gonna be sore due to the frequent falls.  However, my legs, back, knees, and shins were all sore as well.  Even more surprising, my abs were the worst.  I figured that I used them every time I got back up after a fall, and my six pack flabby gut was overworked.
  2. Students did not go for the skiing/snowboarding.  This was the best part of the weekend.  We took 12 students, and only half of them went on the slopes.  The rest went tubing or stayed in the Lodge and bonded with the female leaders (my mom included).  It was encouraging to see students come on this weekend, not because of the activities, but rather for the people and relationships.  I have always felt that retreats are the best way to bring a youth group together, especially Junior Highers.  This weekend supported my view.

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